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‘Man doesn’t live for himself alone,’ an old saying goes. The catholic tradition states, in the same spirit, that every individual is called to serve his fellow man. Especially those fortunate enough to have enjoyed a higher education are called to this service, since they can, from the positions of power and privilege they tend to rise to, make a real difference in the lives of their fellow men. The higher educated can answer this calling if and when they transcend the limits that come with the privileges of their class and profession, and find ways to freely reflect on the greater good and the ways by which they may serve it.

The greater good

Fellows of the Thomas More Foundation (‘Stichting Thomas More’) are men and women who have enjoyed a higher education, and are dedicated to finding and following their vocation as responsible members of society. Faithfully serving their fellow men, of open mind and strong spirit, they thoughtfully work for the greater good. This way, they can give ‘More’ to their society. Many a fellow feels that in reflecting on his personal, professional and political engagements, the catholic tradition has much to offer: not ready-made answers so much, but rather important, time-honoured clarifications of fundamental questions.

Fellows of Thomas More show their engagement in a great number of activities. Especially important among these are:

  • University Courses Stichting Thomas More has endowed numerous chairs in the humanities at Dutch state universities. Professors holding these chairs give courses that are open to students from all faculties.
  • Scholarschips Stichting Thomas More provides selected honours students at Dutch universities with scholarships that enable them to explore the catholic tradtion. These scholars are subsequently invited to take part, as fellows, in the activities of Stichting Thomas More. Please note that foreigners studying at a Dutch university may qualify for a scholarship, but only if they are honours students and have a ready command of the Dutch language. More information about the scholarships for students is provided in download.
  • Network In all kinds of groups, fellows of Thomas More reflect on their personal, professional and political engagements, seeking to better themselves and their service to society.
  • Lectures, symposia and publications Through public lectures, symposia and publications, the fellows of Thomas More place their expertise at the service of society. Stichting Thomas More is an independent catholic foundation that receives no government grants. All its activities are funded from gifts and donations.